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I enjoy and thrive being part of a team.


At 6 years of age my team spirit began to awaken.  I was housed in a big team called boarding school. Friendships were forged and my foundations were anchored to integrity, responsibility, flexibility, loyalty, adventure, co-operation, compromise and teamwork. 


Sport was where I excelled most, always aiming for the top, knowing that the only way I would get there would be through teamwork.

My provincial and South African colors in rugby, rowing & athletics were my own personal accolades, but for me my true joy was always trophied in the camaraderie. As much as rugby is a team sport, I always say that I learned most of my life lessons in a rowing boat - the ultimate of team sports. Athletics was very much an individual effort but it was the relays that I enjoyed the most.


After completing school my adventurous self travelled the world for 9 consecutive years. Not only did I continue to learn more invaluable life lessons, it further entrenched my belief in teamwork. Meeting new and diversely different people and finding myself in equally interesting situations, it became clear that we all needed each other.

I have realized that no great story or feat is as great as the one that is shared with others. 


When I arrived home from the Indian sub-continent in 1999 I discovered the magical world of filmmaking. I have not looked back since, and through teamwork both in and outside of the industry, I have, for myself, reached the highest level of what I do.

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